Thursday, November 3, 2011

...u ask me not to cry...

Tuns, my girl this is for you, 
When you can no longer suppress the tears behind those eyelids, 
just know that I will never be able to understand, 
but I feel your pain and I love you always.

You ask me not to cry, 
Yet you are leaving me behind, 
We have shared so much, 
We have given so much,
Our hearts beat as one: rhythmically

You were there to catch my tears,
Dry them and kiss them away, 
You gave me a million reasons to smile, 
Or you would just intensly gaze into my eyes, 
and words fail to form in your mouth, 
Because you love me, you have to told me so, 
and you can't even describe how much. 

Now you are the reason for my tears, 
yet you are asking me not to cry, 
you are leaving me behind; 
Or have you left already?

I feel you, in my heart,
I see you in my reflection, 
I hear you in my heartbeat, 
I smell you in the wind and
I dream you into life. 

Tears are my way of expressing
my grief, my doubts, my love, 
my loneliness and my suffering 
You have to understand that I am 
feeling all of these because you are gone.

I cry because I need to. 
and when you ask me not to cry, 
You are asking me for too much. 


  1. ... and sometimes, you just need to cry, and say no word. Because even if no one sees, or catches those tears; the body tells you "Sabz, i understand". Need you more consolation?


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