Thursday, November 3, 2011

A twisted mirror

I dare you to see yourself through my eyes,
I challenge you to rise above the non-existent barriers around you,
Will you risk shattering the illusions smiling back at you
in the twisted mirror in front of you?

Listen to me,
How we think shows through in how we act.

Attitudes are mirrors of the mind. They reflect thinking.
All you see are your faults, the ugly bits,
You set the bar so high so you can fail; and prove that you are meaningless,
Please recall the power of positive thinking, what you tell your brain is what it believes,
I know what you can be; dont let tomorrow say..."she had potential...but …"
I know what you can be…
Make the society a better place…and see what it will do to your life.
Do something positive for someone else…and see the ripple effect in your life.

Yet when you look at yourself in the twisted mirror
You cant see that person.

Serving is the mirror of the heart, it reflects kindness.
Believe in your dreams, stop giving up before you start…
Get out of that protective bubble you made for yourself…
Remember you will die… and when you do,
Will you bury yourself......who will?
What legacy are you leaving behind?...
Count your blessing and not your set backs,
All that you do for others…you don’t even realize the impact.
You played a significant role in making me who i am today-
When I look up, I see you;  and when I look down, I see others looking up to me.

Yet when you look at yourself in the twisted mirror
You cant see that person.

Peace is the mirror of the soul, it reflects harmony.
You  don’t want to be one of those people who in chasing the distant dreams;
forget the garden growing at their feet.
You need both - that is what makes you  be YOU.
Its soo damned difficult.
Its wanting to be grounded yet also be able to reach for the stars.
So I implore you to believe that you can move mountains, 
But you have to first move away from the twisted mirror.
Because when you look at yourself in the twisted mirror
You cant see that person.
Somewhere in recesses of my mind, I hear what you are saying to me,
You are telling me to step away from the twisted mirror,
You are requesting me to stop living in a room full of mirrors; where all I could see was me.
You want me to know that its the mirror that is broken; not the reflection in the shattered pieces.
You want me to take my spirit and crash my mirrors; then the whole world will be there  for me to see.


  1. ....Lovely and Inspiring...."When i look up, i see you, and when i look down , i see others looking up to me"...

  2. ...indeed...that is my favourite line in the writing...thank you for pushstarting me :) You have helped me re-discover my passion with a new power :)


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