Thursday, November 3, 2011

..have you ever been here???

There is this place that I resided in once, I don't know if you have ever been there, its an uncharted island somewhere between the subconscious mind and a hard heart. Its driven by that feeling that "its my life, so I can live it, wreck it or do whatever..." not sitting twice to consider the consequences, and it feels like Nirvana. 

When reality hits, it leaves a resonating pain coupled with ripples and waves of discomfort, feeling of not belonging, uncomfortable in the many facets that we create for ourselves. 

Choices need to be made, choosing to no longer be an onlooker in the game, but take an active part, determining the play, diverting the current, choosing no longer to be naive, or trust so easily, or love so deeply and question so rarely. 

Have you ever wondered aimlessly to this dark place?

Then it hits you, thinking that you are running away form the things that you don't want in your life, you find yourself catapulted in the center! Oh! you thought you were running away from things that you don't like in your life? Oh! you thought you were running in a different direction? Have you wondered what it is that you are running from?

Then you stay a little, looking around the scenery and landscape, really seeing it for the first time through new lens, you wonder how you never saw it, looking at the canvas that you painted your world's landscape:
...the mountains cease to be green and just look barren...
...the little voice has long been silenced... unquenchable thirst makes the throat so dry that no words can be formed... alone, so wounded, so unkempt; no welcoming arms. 

You have gotten to where you want to go even though you thought it will be a different place, and then the truth hits you with a blinding force crushing you: You want all the things that you have been running away from. 

Have you ever been to this secluded island?

When you go there, you have to make a choice,  chooose a road, a different road, a frame for  your destiny. 

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