Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

What makes you feel beautiful?
Is a question too demanding 
to be left unanswered
In a world where everyone 
is very sure of your thoughts; 
its important to draw boundaries.

Am I beautiful? I ask myself
No, is the immediate answer, 
How can I be, when I do not fit
in a classic definition of beauty. 
Skinny is everything nowadays, 
clear skin, beautiful smile and 
having that youthful radiance 
for eternity. 
And I don't have that.

I want to believe that 
Beauty is a state of mind,
As the old adage says:
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And that beholder is me.
Whatever makes me feel beautiful,
I will go ahead and do it;
eat chocolate 'til I smile,
curl up on the sofa with a great book,
and accept that compliment
from a complete stranger!

Fashion is self-expression.
I will dress myself up to fit 
the curves adorned to me,
It makes me feel more beautiful 
than trying to attain a certain "acceptable" size.
I promise me, that every once in a while,
I will wear that beautiful,
short, black dress in my closet.
As if I have a date, even when I don't.

I want to date myself, 
Go out and find out who is the 
person inside of me, what are my likes, 
my dislikes, not what or who I am supposed to be.
I think I lost myself somewhere in time. 
So I am going to schedule some "me" time.
To pamper the beautiful woman in me!
So I may recapture the beauty of loving me.

I want time, I need time to:
Read; to inspire my beautiful mind.
Volunteer, to be of service to others,
Laugh; to invigorate my soul with the art of laughing.
Sleep, to keep my brain, heart and body healthy
I want to be around people who 
help make me feel more beautiful
and appreciate the little things in my life.

I want to bring out my inner beauty
and discover my deep passion in life
What makes me feel beautiful? 
It is my dream to live, laugh and love — beautifully.
and I want it to come out at every pore of my being. 


  1. Oh my!! This is strong. I wish for every woman/lady/girl i know to have this spirit in her. To be able to see what their true worth is and most importantly, to love thy self and not change themselves to please the other secondary beings around them who are constantly judging and setting standards...!

  2. awww...thank you love...this is something i struggle with everyday so it is my reminder...and if you can identify with this, then I am glad

  3. As am putting together my resolutions for next year, I'll make sure I have time for me and explore the potential and beauty inside me...


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