Thursday, November 3, 2011


A smile, frozen in a moment, a moment of wonder,
A tantalising smile, full of restlessness, bliss; and anger
For long has fear hid behind that smile, a brewing thunder,
The world on my shoulders, weary, hoping it wont pull me under.

A mirror, shattered scattering into a thousand shards,
Broken, gluing them all back together is extremely hard.
My broken heart is reminiscent of that broken mirror, shattered
You want to make it whole, give it a beat, a sound and make it flutter.

The rain, coming down on me, obscuring my tears,
Piercing my heart, already cold, needing to drown my fears
Reaching out to touch me at every instant; you are the rain, a relief
You hand me back my dreams, on a devotion platter; so they may be lived.

The music, billowing deafening sounds to my blind ears,
Sounding like a moan, a bleat, a whimper, a shrilling scream
Mocking me, taunting my senses; turns soothing with healing tune,
In your arms, you orchestrate me musical notes, a symphony of sweet melody.

A bird, flying on clipped wings, claiming the sky hollow,
The chirping, not heard in a distant; reverberating with sorrow,
Tied to the shame, heavier than gravity; screaming and hurling away
You name a star, in the sky after me; my road engraved on the Milky Way.

A little girl, curled in a dark attic alone, struggling to stand up,
As she takes out the wings of my imagination, you blow away the hurt,
A fleeting hope is ignited, rekindling with flames something beautiful; soaring,
On the wings of my imagination, Love has found me again; I am coming home.

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